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Our work seems very simple – just capturing the right frame at the right moment. And this makes all the difference. Because we understand that pictures are not just some random camera clicks, but are memories for life. Just one nicely captured frame of a particular moment can fill someone’s heart with happiness and emotions.  Our work may not be as simple as it seems but when our work creates happy memories for you, it gives us thorough satisfaction. You may call us magicians with a camera because that’s exactly what we do. We simply capture some magical moments of your life with our lenses and give you happy memories for life.

The Wedlock Cinematography is a Creative agency based in New Delhi. Established and run by young professionals, it offers highly creative Photography and Videography solutions for all kinds of events.  It has all the desired facilities available in-house; such as a Visionary Team, Technical and Creative Expertise, High-end Equipment, etc. Our projects include Wedding Photography, Wedding Films, Pre Wedding Photography, Destination Wedding Shoot, Outdoor Pre Wedding Shoot, Birthday Photography, Corporate Event Photography, Commercial and Product Photography, etc.

The journey of The Wedlock Cinematography started in the year 2011 when two young photography enthusiasts, Amit and Rakesh came together for their first project. Though started as a hobby, at a friend’s wedding, their very first project was highly appreciated. The results were phenomenal. Those stunning pictures soon fetched them a series of work and the brand Wedlock came into existence. Since then they have covered more than 2000 events which include around 300 weddings. They are now among the most popular Wedding Photographers based in Delhi and their services are available globally. 


Indian marriages are very vibrant. There are layers of traditions and rituals associated with the weddings. And our job is to capture each and every moment of your wedding ceremony in such a way that our pictures always bring a smile to your face. Finding Wedding Photographers in Delhi is not difficult at all. But as we all know that Wedding is once in a lifetime event and a Photographer has the responsibility to not only just capture the event but to create some magic with the photography.  The Wedlock Cinematography has covered more than 300 weddings till date. Our services are top notch and our Pricing is competitive. 


Pre Wedding Photography is a great way to shoot some beautiful moments of the couple together before they officially tie the knot. For an about to be married couple, Pre Wedding Photography is something that shows their love and commitment for each other. Shot just before Marriage, at some breathtaking location or with some stunning background, these pictures adorn the walls of the couple forever. From Delhi to Kerala or from Goa to Shimla, our Photographers can accompany you to create some lovely memories for you which you will adore forever.


Long gone are the days of simple marriage videography. No one likes to watch those long boring wedding ceremony videos. Now is the time of Wedding Films -Short, slick, stylish, attractive, creative and interesting method of Story Telling. The Wedding films that we create have the emotions and feelings of your loved ones. Narrated in the form of a documentary film or a feature film, it may include music videos too. Your wedding is your big day. And we can make your wedding film a blockbuster among your friends and family. The Wedlock Cinematography is among the most sought after Wedding Filmmakers of Delhi NCR.


Your child is very special to you, so is everything associated with its growing years. And birthdays are very important events for any child. Children wait throughout the year for that one special day. And our expert photographers simply capture the Best Candid moments of that one special day so that you can cherish them forever. From a newborn to a teenager, each birthday has a different story to tell. If you are looking for Best Birthday Photographers in Delhi, your search will end here. We have a long experience in Birthday Photography and we understand how to capture those tiny little moments of your tiny little angels.


Relationships grow with the passage of time. And wedding anniversary each year reminds us of the strong bond that we have with our life partner. Celebration of anniversary is kind of celebrating each and every moment of happiness that we have lived together.
With our specialized Anniversary Photo shoots, our Photographers capture those moments of love, trust and commitment. The Wedlock Cinematography is among the pioneers of specialized anniversary photo shoots in Delhi NCR. Our Photo shoots provide you with some Best memories of your happy time with your family and friends.


Every event is important. And documenting it in the right way is equally important. Event Photography is a very specific field where the Photographer has to have the sound knowledge of the whole process. As there are no retakes in any live event, the coverage has to be exclusive and extensive. Our event Photography solutions are counted among the Top in the Delhi NCR. We can easily boast of covering more than 2000 events so far which include all types of Corporate, Government, Social and Private Events.


Every couple is different. Every Wedding is different. And every story is different. Our creative team conceptualizes and develops the Wedding Stories as per the stories of the people associated with it. Creatively chosen words, right emotions and the perfect narration are some of the highlights of our projects. And your stories reach to you and to your loved ones in the forms of beautifully crafted Teasers, Short films or wedding films.

Make your wedding an unforgettable experience. Send us your details and we will get back to you!


Dinish Bajaj Groom

It is hard to find photographers who listen to you so patiently and give you what you want. Wedlock Cinematography is one of those who spare time for their customers and I am saying this based upon my own experience. They know how to please their customers.

Nikita Mahajan Bride

After a wide search, I finally found what I was looking for. I must say Wedlock Cinematography is the one you should get in touch if you really want quality work. They are very good at candid photography and believe it or not they are very friendly too. I am glad for having found them.

Rashika Aggarwal Mother

Thanks Wedlock Cinematography for helping me with the Birthday photographs of my daughter. These photographs of my daughter’s first birthday will always be treasured. Your team is an excellent one and very cooperative. I wish you all the best for your bright future.